What’s With the Levi’s Shirts

Coming at you live from Europe. Currently, I’m sitting in a park in Switzerland on a computer that has a battery life shorter than a Friends episode. I’m hoping to get this written before it dies, and I’ll add hyperlinks later.

Having just gotten back from Italy, I have plenty of stories and opinions I’ll be exploring in future posts, but this one is dedicated to a phenomenon that wasn’t exactly obvious at first: the excessive amount of Levi’s shirts in Europe

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Invisible Obstacles for Young Professional Women

Most young women have probably heard the disheartening facts about their chance to succeed in a professional world, starting from a disparity of women in certain college majors and ending in a distinct lack of women in executive roles:


“Women have a higher tendency to drop out of STEM fields when they encounter setbacks”

Women earn 80.5% of what a man in the same role makes” (And even less if you’re not a white woman)

“Women make up less than 5% of the CEOs in Fortune 500 companies”

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Podcasts Worth Listening To

I started listening to podcasts while on a roadtrip with my sister. I’ve always been a fan of crime shows (hello, Criminal Minds & Law and Order: SVU) so it’s no surprise that the majority of the podcasts I listened to to get hooked were about crimes, both fictional and factual. I’ve since broadened my horizons, and at work I’ll listen to pretty much any podcast if its recommended by the internet or friends. However, my all-time favorite podcasts are mostly about crime.

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