About me

Who am I? I’m a recent Ivy League grad who is about to head back to grad school. I currently work at a tech company doing an entry level digital marketing job. Throughout college I felt like I didn’t have a plan in place and I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but after two summers of internships, I’m pretty sure that I’m actually just as “together” as my peers seem to be. Once I got away from the Ivy bubble, I realized that just because I’m not working for Facebook, Google, or Amazon, despite how it may feel, I am not failing epically at life.

Right now, I’m trying to keep myself busy before grad school starts. In my free time, I’ve been learning how to code Python and HTML. I’ve also started to teach myself German (thank you Duolingo, German Audio Books and Youtube), Crochet (again, Youtube), cook meals that are way too big for one person (lots of recipes online) and play the Ukulele (Youtube, again). I think I’m a bit lost without having a lot of homework to do, so I’ve stepped up my extracurricular game. Hence, the idea for this blog.