3 Things I’ve Learned During My First 3 Weeks as a Grad Student

I’ve been in grad school for three weeks now and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had any time to sit down and write anything. Luckily this weekend I’ve finally got a bit of a “groove” going, and even though I have two assignments due Monday morning, I probably won’t have to visit a library once this weekend. Yay for the little things in life!

When I pictured this summer, starting grad school and adjusting to being a student again, somehow I pictured also gaining incredible and intelligent insight the moment I stepped on campus. I’ve found instead, I have no time to even remember to check the weather (which yes, has caught me in a rainstorm), much less time to sit down and think about what I’m learning outside of my classes.

However, the sun is shining on this lovely Saturday morning, I’ve made brunch for myself, I will probably be able to call my mom later, and I’ve had some time to think about what I want to say on here. So, I give to you:

3 things I’ve learned in grad school in 3 weeks:


  1. Make friends

Making friends/network/keeping your enemies close, whatever you call it, I’d say this is the most important one. Grad school is HARD, the schedule (at least this summer) is demanding, and being around other people that are going through the same thing is SO reassuring. There’s something comforting about being up at midnight, trying to get a case study done, and getting a text from a classmate who is also still up working on the same case study.

In addition to being a great support system, depending on your program, there’s a pretty big chance that your classmates are going to be at vastly different life stages. Grad school isn’t just about learning what’s on the test in front of you. So, take the opportunity to talk to the lady who spent six years in the navy or the guy who just had his third kid. The people in your program will likely be a very different demographic than your undergraduate classmates and you have so much to learn from them.



Ok, so this was on my list of 13 things to do in grad school but I still want to reiterate that. Procrastinating as an undergraduate means something very different from procrastinating as a grad student. I made the mistake of waiting until the day before something was due (which, I didn’t even consider procrastinating) and the whole analysis took me so much longer than I expected.  When you have something assigned to you, DO IT DURING THE NEXT FREE MOMENT YOU HAVE. The sooner you can get an assignment done, the more time you have to make sure it’s perfect.


  1. Make the most out of your program

Seriously. More than likely, this will be your last time on a campus as a student. Take this time to join clubs, apply to jobs that will allow you to apply what you’re learning, and make every effort to go to the on-campus, free activities that all schools offer. You’re only there for a short time and being involved on campus will allow you to meet more people, be exposed to more opportunities and ultimately, give you the most for your money.


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