13 Goals for Grad School

My time at home is quickly coming to an end, and I’m packing up for my next big adventure: graduate school. While I am super excited, and I’ve blathered on to pretty much anyone that will listen, as the days get closer I can’t help but feel incredibly nervous. I’ve always felt that I’m not as smart as my peers, and I worry that in the highly competitive program I’m in, working hard to be slightly above average won’t cut it. I had this same fear going into college, except at that time, I was also certain they’d accidentally admitted me. This time, at least, I’m pretty sure they meant to let me in.

As I begin my grad school journey, I want to write down my own expectations for myself as a student. While I’m sure they may end out not being realistic, I don’t want to lose the perspective I gained from the year I spent removed from academia, and working full time. In college, I was a very diligent student when it came to anything in class, but even then, there are some things I wish I could have done differently. This opportunity to go back to school will allow me to (hopefully) rescind some of those regrets.


Below are the 13 goals I have for myself, this summer and beyond:


  1. Keep a calendar
  2. No phones in class
  3. No laptops in class
  4. Do homework right away
  5. Talk to teachers
  6. Befriend your advisor
  7. Utilize career services
  8. Utilize your social network (
  9. Immerse yourself in learning 24/7
  10. Take notes on everything
  11. Maintain a healthy sleep schedule
  12. Workout regularly


I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me, and I’m excited to be able to look back at this blog in a year from now. I can’t wait to find out where I end up!

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