Things to Do When You Literally Can’t Move

After I got home from Europe, I had about two and a half weeks at home to unwind before grad school. Of course, I had a lot of fun things planned, but I ended out having to get emergency surgery on my wisdom teeth (in hindsight, stabbing pains totally isn’t normal) and I spent all of last week unable to do anything. As a person that likes to workout twice a day if I have the chance, I feel like a picture of my (swollen) face belongs next to the word “lard” in the dictionary. Combine that with the fact that my other hobby is eating when I’m bored (which is SUPER hard to do when you’ve just had jaw surgery) and I’ve been sitting on the couch in what I can only describe as my own personal purgatory.

I’ve had to find alternative ways to entertain myself, and I’ve compiled a list in case I ever find myself in this situation again (or, bless your soul, you find yourself in my shoes):


Binge Watch TV Shows

Yeah, of course watching TV is the first thing on this list. Not only does it allow for minimal movement, it’s also a lot easier than some of the other things on here. And it doesn’t require any talent.

One of the absolute best shows to binge is Westworld. I just finished the season finale of season 2, and WOW. I love it because it’s not super straightforward, and it’s fun make up possible theories. It’s also very, very well done. I think the biggest downfall of the show is that it’s on HBO, which is probably less common than Netflix.

If you’re looking for a good show on Netflix, I suggest Freaks & Geeks. While I’m certainly partial to some of the longer running shows (Specifically, The Office, Friends, How I Met You Mother, Criminal Minds, & Law and Order: SVU), I liked how the show was only one season because it meant that I didn’t spend the entire week staring at a computer screen. Once I finished it, I had to find something else to do.


Learn How to Knit/Crochet

I actually taught myself how to crochet when I was really bored last fall, but I’m not very talented at it. However, sitting on the couch with nothing to do is the perfect time to get better at it! I’m trying to learn how to make a hat, and there’s so many different tutorials online that it’s an easy to find instructions that are tailored to my skill level (plus, it’s free!).


Write a Short Story

OK I know, this is like, the kind of suggestion that comes up on those Instagram “self care” threads that probably nobody has ever actually tried. BUT, I woke up from a dream that was super creepy, and I wanted to write it down. While jotting down the details, it occurred to me that I might as well embellish on it, and I actually had a lot of fun writing my own short story. Plus, I’d watched enough TV at that point to picture it becoming a screenplay. (Some cool writing prompts here if you’re lacking inspiration)


Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest

Here’s a secret: I’ve never really understood the point of Pinterest. Like, cool, OK, lots of stuff I can’t afford. But for some reason, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it while I’ve been bed bound. It turns out there’s loads of stuff to do beyond planning a wedding: I’ve had a great time creating my ideal wardrobe, and I can’t wait to go shopping (at my favorite secondhand store, of course) and start changing up my wardrobe now that I’m allowed to operate machinery and drive a car.

LOL. If you grew up in the 2000s, then chances are you have some serious FEELS about Webkinz. But actually, in 6th grade, I really loved Webkinz. And it turns out, you still have access to your account even if you haven’t bought one of their plushies in almost ten years. Logging on and saying hi to all of my beloved old pets had some serious nostalgia factor, and I wasted some of my day just going through each of my meticulously decorated rooms. It brought me right back to how seriously I took that game.



In the past few days, I’ve been into the depths of Reddit. While I’ve seen some things I would prefer to have not seen, I’ve also found some really neat subreddits that I hadn’t previously ever thought to look for. Some of my personal favorites are:








Arguably the most obvious, yet somehow forgotten, sometimes the best thing to do is just read. I’m currently reading the Game of Thrones series, and it’s great because each book is like, 900 pages. So despite being a fast reader, I only had to buy one new book this week, and it lasted all the way through my time on the couch. If you’re not a huge reader (or hate it altogether), then I recommend trying out some young adult novels instead. They tend to be pretty short and more action packed, which is perfect if you feel burned out from reading at school. I recently re-read Ender’s Game, and I plan to re-read the Sisters Grimm series later this summer.


Sims 3

I’m going to be honest here: I didn’t actually play Sims 3 at all this week. I actually thought of how fun it would have been while I was writing this post, and if I ever find myself in this same situation (which, would be a miracle given they decided to take all 4 of my wisdom teeth out to avoid future problems), I’ll definitely make sure Sims 3 is downloaded onto my computer. If you’ve never played Sims, you’re missing out. It’s not too expensive when bought online, and you can spend literally hours playing without getting bored. Plus, the expansion packs have some really neat stuff; my favorites were Supernatural, World Adventures, & Seasons.

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