“But I’m Like, Really Bad at Leaving My Comfort Zone”

Obviously, I haven’t logged on here in about three weeks because surprise, surprise, I have no time. However, tomorrow is my LAST day of class and I will be driving to Cape Cod the second I hand in my final assignment. Upon logging in, I was greeted with an old post that had been sitting in my “drafts” folder since July 5th. Continue reading ““But I’m Like, Really Bad at Leaving My Comfort Zone””

3 Things I’ve Learned During My First 3 Weeks as a Grad Student

I’ve been in grad school for three weeks now and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had any time to sit down and write anything. Luckily this weekend I’ve finally got a bit of a “groove” going, and even though I have two assignments due Monday morning, I probably won’t have to visit a library once this weekend. Yay for the little things in life! Continue reading “3 Things I’ve Learned During My First 3 Weeks as a Grad Student”

13 Goals for Grad School

My time at home is quickly coming to an end, and I’m packing up for my next big adventure: graduate school. While I am super excited, and I’ve blathered on to pretty much anyone that will listen, as the days get closer I can’t help but feel incredibly nervous. I’ve always felt that I’m not as smart as my peers, and I worry that in the highly competitive program I’m in, working hard to be slightly above average won’t cut it. I had this same fear going into college, except at that time, I was also certain they’d accidentally admitted me. This time, at least, I’m pretty sure they meant to let me in. Continue reading “13 Goals for Grad School”

Things to Do When You Literally Can’t Move

After I got home from Europe, I had about two and a half weeks at home to unwind before grad school. Of course, I had a lot of fun things planned, but I ended out having to get emergency surgery on my wisdom teeth (in hindsight, stabbing pains totally isn’t normal) and I spent all of last week unable to do anything. As a person that likes to workout twice a day if I have the chance, I feel like a picture of my (swollen) face belongs next to the word “lard” in the dictionary. Combine that with the fact that my other hobby is eating when I’m bored (which is SUPER hard to do when you’ve just had jaw surgery) and I’ve been sitting on the couch in what I can only describe as my own personal purgatory.

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Traveling Europe: Don’t Break the Bank

I recently returned from three weeks in Europe, and I’ll be starting graduate school in exactly one week. I plan to chronicle my time in grad school through posts on this blog, so more about that later. During my time in Europe, I traveled to Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Ireland. My time in Ireland was spent overnight in airports, so while a unique experience in its own right, I hope to go back relatively soon to explore some of the more scenic destinations. However, I got to spend a decent amount of time in the other countries, and I’m so glad I took the plunge and got to go. As a person who loves saving money, I was very nervous before I left about how expensive traveling internationally is. Through careful research, I found some ways to mitigate the overall cost, which I’m excited to share below.

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Tips for Visiting a Country that Speaks a Foreign Language

I think one of the most fascinating aspects of Europe is the broad range of languages that everyone speaks. In America, it’s common to be taught a secondary language in high school, but the depth in which that language is taught is inconsistent across schools and oftentimes forgotten by the time the student gets to college. In my own experience, I was taught both French and Spanish, but now I am confident I would not be able to hold a conversation in either language. Continue reading “Tips for Visiting a Country that Speaks a Foreign Language”